A Spooky Collection of Numbers and Names

When I was a young man traveling across the country, I stayed a year in Gretna, Louisiana. Gretna is across the river from New Orleans, a city I grew to love.

When you’re 19 and on your own in New Orleans, at a time when the drinking age was 18…well, you get the picture. Great times.

My address then was 1225 Truxton Street, Gretna. Even in those early days I knew I wanted to write. Now, all these years later, I will be one of the featured authors at the second annual San Diego Book Festival.

The address of the Festival? 2620 Truxtun Road, San Diego.

Odd, right? Two 2’s in each address number and the 6 can be the 5+1. And the extra “U”  for Urban.

Yeah, I know. But I’ve noticed these things all my life, and if you read my work you will see how I thread them into my stories. I can’t help it.

Symbolism and numerology. Lots of fun for a novelist.

-David Grant Urban