Second Novel Coming Soon!

So, this is my rough-draft cover for my second novel, “A Road Wanting Wear.” I’ve sent the manuscript out to several review sites now and gotten damn good reviews. The Wishing Shelf (based in London), wrote “A biker story with strong, interesting male characters and plenty of chemistry…a host of splendidly-developed characters that will not only fascinate you but will also force you to think. Highly recommended.”

I’ll share some of the other reviewers comments later. I’ll ask Greenman Artist Rob Juszak to redo the cover, probably, if he has time; but in the meantime I need everybody to help on this project. My first novel, published by Fat Dog Books, a literary noir mystery titled “A Line Intersected,” won nine awards and enjoyed modest sales, but I think I can do better, especially with your help.

So, please like and share this post! And when I post again, keep doing it. Let’s see if we can build a following before publication of “A Road Wanting Wear.” This second novel just might be the break-out novel every writer dreams about, but it’s just so hard to get noticed-especially since 1,000 books are published each day.

But I promise to keep all of you in the insider loop as this manuscript makes its rounds and eventually gets published. I’ve got some interesting things to share about this novel. Let’s have some fun with this!