With the Book Club Divas!

I recently spent a wonderful evening with the Book Club Divas in San Diego. Lis Johnson, the leader of the Divas, had invited me to speak about my noir mystery novel, “A Line Intersected.”

It was a wonderful group, although a bit intimidating: all the members were highly educated and accomplished career teachers, principals, and school board members. I did my best to answer some penetrating questions about my novel and about the writing process in general.

One of the fun aspects of being a published author is the initial respect one gains from announcing that fact, but unfortunately the “learned author” charade tends to fade fast once I actually start talking. But the Divas were kind, and I hope they found the evening as fun as I did.

Special thanks to Lis Johnson for organizing the event, and for taking the photo of me with the rest of the Divas. Lis asked me in an email what the title of my next book is, and here I can answer: “A Road Wanting Wear.” It’s the tale of four young men who ditch their cell phones and tour the American Southwest on motorcycles. Hopefully out this summer.

-David Grant Urban

With the Book Club Divas, a book club organized by Lis Johnson.